Dress The Day
Venue styling for weddings and events, Highlands & Moray.

Top Tips!

Our priority is ensuring that your day goes perfectly, and we hope the following will help to ensure this.

Chair Covers

Lycra continues to be popular, as it completely covers the whole chair, giving a smooth, fitted silhouette, unlike linen covers. Lycra covers also fit a much wider range of chairs, which can be especially useful in a venue that uses more than one type of chair.

Linen style chair covers are particularly suited to traditional venues, especially those with a historic background. We offer 2 sizes, and will always be honest about how well they fit the chairs at your venue, and can send photographs if you require.

Beware of so called "bespoke" chair covers. Bespoke implies that the chair cover has been made to specifically fit the chair. If the legs are poking out the bottom, and the top has become all crumpled underneath the sash, then it is not a "bespoke" cover, simply a best-fit, and will yield disappointing results on the day.


Colour matching is very important! This does not neccessarily mean matching everything to one particular colour, but make sure that it is in the same colour palette, or is a complimentary shade. We can always offer advice on colours, and can supply co-ordinating items, such as ribons for cakes.

Textures matter. Organza is a sheer material, which naturally shimmers in the light, but does have a level of transparency, keeping it light and airy feeling. Satin, gives a super shine, and reflects beautifully in the light. Bold colours come alive, and subtle colours really dazzle! Taffeta, has the reflective qualities of organza, shimmering in the light, and the boldness of satin, without the super shine. Remember, if you need to see these options up close, we are always happy to see you at our studio.

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